Wills & Probate


Ensure your family and loved ones are properly  cared for after your death – don’t assume that your partner will inherit your entire estate, particularly if you aren’t married; likewise don’t assume that your children will inherit everything if you’re divorced and have remarried. Inheritance rules are complex and not what you might expect – it’s essential to seek proper legal advice to make sure that your wishes are implemented and that there are no nasty surprises for your family.  By making a will, YOU can decide how your estate is distributed.


Dealing with someone’s financial affairs after their death can be both distressing and confusing.  We can help by taking over the administration of their estate, applying for  grant of probate, dealing with insurance companies, banks, pension companies, estate agents, Inland Revenue, getting in all assets, including the sale of any property, paying off any debts and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.

We can advise what to do if your relative hasn’t made a will and you’re unsure as to how their estate should be dealt with.

 No Win No Fee

 Home visits if required

 Friendly and experienced solicitors

 Advice given in plain English

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