Financial Losses

There are many ways in which you may want to make a financial claim. Accidents at work can have a heavy impact on an individual’s living costs and the amount of money they’re able to make from employments. We can help you with any problems that mean you may be entitled to compensation either from your employer or an employee if they were part of the cause that meant you were unable to work.

Wage loss

A big priority in many people’s lives is employment and therefore the wages that are acquired from that employment are extremely important to the person. There are several ways in which a person can have an unfair loss of wages. Your employer could be making reductions from your salary that are unwarranted. This can also happen in the instance that you have suffered an injury at work that meant you were unable to work or could not complete your job to the expected standard. You may also have had a loss in wages due to incorrect taxation or errors made by your employer when they set up your account on the payroll.

Travel expenses

You may be entitled to make a claim if you have had to pay extra travel expenses than usual due to an accident at work. For example, travelling to physiotherapy sessions could possibly cost you a lot of extra money that you weren’t spending before, depending on the location. You may be struggling financially due to this extra travel and therefore could be entitled to compensation for the extra expenditure to yourself. Another example is if your employer is asking you to travel to other places other than your usual workplace (not stated in your contract) and this costs extra money to you.

Get in contact with our experienced lawyers and they will be able to help you deal with your claim. We offer a personalised and comprehensive service that ensures you’re treated fairly and are able to make an accurate claim. Our lawyers treat every client as an individual and make sure that your needs are dealt with in a professional manner.

Treanors Solicitors works around Sunderland and the North East, providing high quality solicitor services to ensure that every person has a fair case that deals with the needs of the client.

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