Faulty Machinery

If you have not been trained to use certain equipment, it may still pose a risk. There have been times where the equipment itself is fine, but the individual in question was not properly trained to be able to use it at the correct standard. In more physical workplaces, complex machinery is used daily and a variety of different training must be carried out to ensure that employees are fully aware on how to operate all the machinery that they will be using during their employment.

If you are to sustain any injuries due to faulty machinery then you may be entitled to compensation. This also applies to any employees that have sustained injuries as a result of inexperience and insufficient training towards any equipment or machinery that the employee was asked to use during their time at work. Malfunctioned machinery can cause serious harm to an individual as there may be issues with the machinery that have not been identified, posing a hidden risk. Machinery must be suitable for the workplace.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) requires that equipment at work must be:

  • Suitable for its intended use
  • Safe for its intended use
  • Maintained in a safe condition
  • Accompanied by the right health and safety measures
  • Used in accordance with its specific requirements

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